For 4 weeks in June, Cameron biked 3 1/4 miles each week and swam 2 1/2 miles each week. For 3 weeks in July, he biked 4 3/4 miles each week and swam 3 1/2 miles each week. How much greater was the total distance Cameron biked and swam in July compare biked and swam in July compared to the total distance he biked and swam in June ? Please help and tell me the steps

Accepted Solution

To answer this question you will find the total distance biked and swam from each of the months. Once you find individual distances, you add the distances from June together, add the distances from July together, and subtract the distance in June from the distance in July.

Please see the attached t-chart for the work:

In July Cameron biked/swam 24 3/4 miles, and in June he biked/swam 23 miles.

24 3/4 - 23= 1 3/4

He biked/swam 1 3/4 more miles in July.